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Leader Opt in to data control and quality guest lists before your potential business partners opt out Changing with the times Managing editor, Paul Colston ith IMEX America, the ICCA and UFI Congresses and ibtm world all in the recent and current calendars, and festive events and the end of year awards season underway, I am sure, like me, many of you have experienced a range of big events of late. Certainly technology has changed our show and conference experience beyond recognition, speeding up possibilities from registration, through consuming content, to networking and catching up post event. It does mean more pressure and stimulus to innovate, disrupt and try new approaches. It also highlights many old practices that no longer cut it on the convention floor. Engagement is key, right from bringing the right delegates in the first place, through to equipping them to interact with each other to maximum effect. We shine a light in this issue on the practice of hosted buyer and familiarisation programmes and ask whether the current model is working for all stakeholders. Clearly, many programmes where screening is lax, are open to abuse and there are blacklists doing the rounds laying bare the extent that bogus buyers go to in order to eat your canapés and abuse your hospitality. It appears there are organised groups of them passing on tips on events where checks on attendance are lax. Turning a blind eye to such practices in the name of Contributing writerS TOM HALL Antony REEVE-CROOK MANAGING Editor Paul Colston Global Account Director Iain Stirling Production Controller Elizabeth Nixon Production Assistant Matt Vertigans Circulation BRET WEEKES Deputy Editor martin fullard senior Designer Mana Assoudeh Mash Media Group Ltd 2nd floor applemarket house, 17 union street, Kingston-upon-thames kt1 1rr Tel: +44 (0)20 8481 1122 Fax: +44 (0)20 8481 1144 Email: Website: @cm_world preserving ‘numbers’ no longer is enough to maintain the reputation of our industry. Where once the meetings industry was targeted for falling foul of various bribery acts and pharma charters, as well for its incentive trips that crossed the moral line in the age of austerity and increased accountability, the light of probity is now shining on our programmes which are being targeted by unscrupulous liggers and frauds. Are your screening systems fit for purpose? Maybe you should check out and refresh that old database, not least because of the tightening of data and privacy laws, such as GDPR in Europe. Let’s ensure we opt in to data control and quality guest lists before our potential business partners opt out. © Copyright Conference + Meetings World All material published in Conference + Meetings World is copyright and remains the property of the publishers. No material may be reproduced without the written permission of the publishers. The publishers do not necessarily agree with the views expressed by contributors, nor do they accept any responsibility for any errors or interpretation in the subject matter of this publication. No part of this publication may be copied or reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or be transmitted in any form by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the publishers. Printed by Pensord ISSUE 91 / C o n f e r e n ce & M ee t i n g s W o r l d / 3