Conference & Meetings World Issue 91 - Page 14

ICCA Congress Czech meeting mates All go for the 56th ICCA Congress in Prague ver 1,300 delegates are expected for the 56th ICCA Congress, which will take place at the Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic, 12-15 November. For 2017, ICCA has partnered with ibtm events, which plays the role of strategic partner for the education programme. The content covers a host of key topics that will facilitate solid networks, provide insights from other industries and sectors and content delivered by world-renowned industry experts. One key focus at 2017’s congress will be how associations can translate challenges and risks into new business models and attitudes, and how they can use their meetings to strengthen their competitive position. The track will look to explore what meetings industry suppliers can do to create successful partnerships with associations and AMCs. Another key session will look at ‘Predatory Conferences’. Chaired by James McCrostie, associate professor, Daito Bunka University,n the panel will include Martijn Timmermans, co-founder, Event StoryBoard and Marco van Itterzon, director of research, ICCA. The talk will explore the thousands of poor quality and often fraudulent conferences that are being promoted around the world to associations and their education programmes. McCrostie, a Japan-based academic and freelance writer, has person [B[\Y]YY]ܞHۙ\[\[\›ۈY[و\YY[Z\X[[M ۙ\[H YY][ܛ[ݚYH[Y]\]H]Y]قHXZ[X[[YX][ۘ[YYوHۙܙ\\[\[]]܎[ٙ\[HHܝ[]H\X\]H[X[ Yܛ\\\[ۜYH[\BY[ܜ[\HZ\^\Y[\\[\Y\HX\[ۜ^H[\ ][Y\X^H[\Y[܈ٙ\[ۘ[][Y[ ^[HXZ\’^HY\X\][^\[][ܚ[Y\\[[]]܈و8&Y[\]\&B[[\Z[[YYH[[X^H]\Y]ۛYH[[Y˂PH\X\][]\[[\΂([\“YY][ ۝[[ۂ[\[\&HH]B&H\[][ۂX\][˜[\ZYۂ(PY^N&YY[[\\ܛX[x&H][YHX\][˜[\ZYۂ(X΂T][X\][˜[\ZYۈ]&]Y[&HB][X\ THHH B\H\[Y H\[ۈ\\YۙY][XX[][ۜ[YX]H\ۜ\]PH[B\X][ۈYY][[][]H[[K]\YX\&\ۙܙ\PH[B][HܙX]\XHZ[[X[[Y]\]HY[][[ܝ[]H\HZ\[ݘ]]H[ܙX]]HYX\ˈH[X][H][H[H[Z\YX\X[]B]H NPHۙܙ\X[H[[XZK\[YH][Y\’PHX\HܙX]X[و[\\\ۂ\[YH][Y\ˈHXYX[B\YۙYHܘ[[YH\ݙ\BYX\Y[[]\Yݙ\ [Y]\]H[و[[[B]ܚ\[\X\[ݙ\[X^[Z\HH[Y]و][[Z\\PHۙܙ\ˈHܘ[[YB[H\^B[H\^K[ۙYۜ[[ XZ\[]]܋[[\X[وۛYHHPHۙܙ\XH[[YH[H]Z[YX[YB\[\SY\]H\[ۋٚXH[”ٚXH[&\\[\[SقX[Y[Y[[ۘ\\X]KP\UTܞQ\ˈH\[^\[HY[وY\[ܙ[\][ۜۂH\^\\\]\BZ[\YYYYXB[ܚ]Y\[YY܈H\[x&\ZB\˂\XHXZ\‘^HYوPHZ[]X‘[[^HوXNYZ[Z]و[\‘ܛ\X\[^وX[[HX\وZXܛٝԎœٙ\܈[]\ܙX]\وB[وYX][ۋ