Conference Dailys TRADETech Daily 2018 - Page 12

THETRADETECH DA I LY THE OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF TRADETECH 2018 AC ADAM CONN Man on a mission Head of dealing at Baillie Gifford, Adam Conn, shares the story of his career, his views on the fight for equality across the financial industry, and the importance of the buy-side’s fiduciary duty. A dam Conn is a decorated industry vet- eran with a story to tell. Having worked on both the buy- and sell-side throughout his 30-year career, he has become one of the most influential buy-siders in Europe and a community voice of the profession. Conn started from the bottom – as he described it – but has earned his way to the top through his work and reputation. He points to his mentors and the opportunities to have worked for buy- and sell-side firms as having enabled him to build up his expertise 12 THETRADETECH DAILY and stature within the industry. In 1991, Conn moved to Hong Kong with GT Management to re-establish a buy-side trading desk where he says it took time to adjust to the different cultures, but this was something Conn says he relished. “In the very early days my boss Philip Ray, who was the CEO of GT Management in Hong Kong, took me into a room and said, ‘Don’t get too cocky just because you’ve come out here from London. There are a lot of peo- ple here who are good at what they do and this is a small town so don’t go making any enemies!’ I’m a great believer in embracing different cultures and that was an oppor- tunity to do so. It’s all been a constant but enjoyable learning curve.” It was during this time Conn worked for Judy Dewinter, a very influential woman in the industry who made her mark on his career. He describes her as ‘the ultimate boss’ and that it was a sign of the times working for such a powerful individual who was a wom- an. “That was the first time I worked for a