Concussion Comeback Plan ORTHO_130994_2017-05_Concussion Program Comeback B - Page 9

1 FACT: Understand concussions Know the basics. • Symptoms from a concussion are most problematic in the first few hours and days following the injury and should gradually improve. • Right after a concussion, rest and decreased activity can be helpful. • After the first few days, students can gradually return to daily routines like going to school. They may need to adjust their schedules to ensure success. There is no harm in reading, writing or completing school work. • Athletes should only return to play after a concussion under the supervision of a qualified healthcare provider. After the first few days, it’s important to return to normal daily routines like going to school. I f a student is well enough to participate in leisure activities and socialize, then he or she should be well enough to attend school. 9