Concussion Comeback Plan ORTHO_130994_2017-05_Concussion Program Comeback B - Page 15

5 Know when to consult a healthcare provider It’s rare to see serious complications after a concussion. If they do occur, they’re generally apparent within the first few hours or days after the initial injury. However, there are some situations in which you may need to consult with outside healthcare professionals or brain injury specialists: • Significant problems after a concussion lasting more than two or three weeks • Uncertainty about which physical or athletic activities are medically safe • Cognitive or academic problems that appear especially severe • Student who has sustained multiple concussions • Student who has sustained a brain injury that involves an abnormal CT or MRI scan • Student who sustains a moderate or severe TBI Which specialist to consult will depend upon the nature of the problem and the services available. Ongoing physical problems like headaches or dizziness warrant involvement from a qualified medical provider. Lasting or severe cognitive or emotional problems warrant involvement from a neuropsychologist. 15