Concussion Comeback Plan ORTHO_130994_2017-05_Concussion Program Comeback B - Page 12

3 Support the student The educational team is important in providing a “soft landing” back into school. • For students who could benefit from a gradual transition, returning for an hour or two at first may be worthwhile, before building up to half-days, then full-days. • The educational team should remain flexible with the student’s schedule and workload expectations while the student is recovering. • The student may need a variety of school-based supports, as listed in the following section. These are typically best instituted informally, as the need is usually temporary. How to help a student who has had a concussion General • Excuse the student from classes or activities that require strenuous or risky physical activity, such as physical education and recess, until cleared by medical personnel. • Have a comeback coordinator meet with the student regularly to monitor school adjustment, assist with communication inside and outside school, coordinate and monitor accommodations, and ensure the workload is manageable for the student. • Provide rest time or breaks during the day. For example, allow the student to go to the healthcare office when experiencing headaches and return to class when feeling better. 12 THE CONCUSSION COMEBACK PLAN