Concussion Comeback Plan ORTHO_130994_2017-05_Concussion Program Comeback B - Page 11

2 Assign a comeback coordinator The comeback coordinator could be a school nurse, counselor, psychologist, special educator or classroom teacher — someone at school who takes the lead in communicating and partnering with the student, family, school staff, athletic personnel and healthcare providers. The comeback coordinator: Helps gather information Understand and discuss the nature of the student’s injury, current status and expected recovery course with the student, the student’s caregivers and their healthcare team. Documents Keep a record in the student’s school and athletic files for reference. Communicates with school personnel Convey the information verbally and in writing to all relevant school staff, including teachers, administrators and athletic personnel. Communicates outside the school Inform caregivers and involved healthcare personnel of any symptoms, as well as the student’s management of school demands, so that involved personnel can develop support as needed. 11