Concurso de comunicaciones del II Congreso sobre TTCC II CONCURSO COMUNICACIONES - Page 89

CONCURSO DE COMUNICACIONES DEL II CONGRESO SOBRE CÁNCER DE CABEZA Y CUELLO PARA ADJUNTOS JÓVENES Y RESIDENTES .,/2%,0$-& '1-."-14/& YS&T7<89&& U68?&8=A&2..&Q9<& 8=A@?8?=A6A&<:&;6AQ9<;6&@<&.?>U:6EA=& ><;6A6:S& XS&06>&8=;=7J?:?@6@<>&\&:=>& `68B=7<>&@<&7?<>H=&B6;J?fA& 8=A@?8?=A6A&:6&B=o?8?@6@& B6AB=&6H9@6&8=;=&87WA?86S& u  !98=>?E>&5CS& u  /<9;=Ad6S& u  ,>B<=A<87=>?>&;6A@?J9:67&\& 8:6M?89:67S& CS&1;U=7B6A8?6&@<&:6& 8=A_7;68?WA&a?>B=:WH?86&6AB<& :6&>=>U<8a6&@<&7<8?@?M6S& u  '&@<>867B67&7<8?@?M6& 6AB<>&@<&U=@<7&8=A_7;67& =>B<=A<87=>?>S& Reuther, T., Schuster, T., Mende, U. and Kvbler, A. (2003). Osteoradionecrosis of the jaws as a side effect of radiotherapy of head and neck tumour patientswa report of a thirty year retrospective review.&International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 32(3), pp.289-295. 2 McKenzie, M., Wong, F., Epstein, J. and Lepawsky, M. (1993). Hyperbaric oxygen and postradiation osteonecrosis of the mandible.&European Journal of Cancer Part B: Oral Oncol K J K KL ˂Z  [KY[KKܙ\X\ ^Y[[^K MK[X[\Xܜ܈][ܘY[ۙXܛ\Y\Y[\\H܈XY[X[\YX][ۈۘK LJ JK K[\[KK[ [XXˈ NNL K[ܘY[ۙXܛ\وHX[XNYHو L \\X]YH[Z[X[X[X^KB\[و\[H K L K KL ˂