Comstock's magazine 1218 - December 2018 - Page 74

GREATER SACRAMENTO Welcome To the Greater Sacramento Community: Leading the region’s economy over the last three years has been both a reward- ing and humbling experience. During this time, we have built the first regional pub- lic/private partnership economic development organization in the State of Califor- nia led by chief executive officers. The organization consists of nearly 40 CEOs in the greater Sacramento region — an achievement accomplished only through dedicated community support. The Greater Sacramento Economic Council is the catalyst for innovative growth strategies in the Capital Region of California. Our organization is responsible for leading community-driven efforts to attract, grow and scale new businesses; develop advanced industries; and guide new job-creation strategies throughout a six-county region. Our team continues to work extremely hard building the brand and reputation of the regional market on a national and global scale. We work with community partners to leverage ourselves as one single cohesive market, operating on data and evidence. The Sacramento region is now truly committed to working together on a strategic plan to help build an advanced economy in our region. We travel throughout the nation with a specific focus on strengthening our part- nership and reputation in the Bay Area and continue to work with the Bay Area Council within the megaregion. The U.S. Census Bureau says nearly 20,000 people each year relocate from the Bay Area to the greater Sacramento region. Data shows that we are the “California Option” for companies interested in relocating to the Golden State. We have the unique opportunity to be that option without the cost or congestion of other major California markets. We need to capitalize on this opportunity and create more jobs for people in our community. Our organization will continue working with community partners to become a strong ecosystem that retains bright startups and talented founders, giving them opportunity to grow into robust ventures raising Series A and B rounds. We are working tirelessly to attract technology talent and companies at the forefront of innovation and position the region’s name nationally and globally. The Sacramento region needs to continue strengthening its access to capital and mentor networks across our community to build venture funds that support new growth. As we look to develop the region’s economy, we need each and every one of our commu- nity partners to continue working hard supporting our mission. This community is at a special moment in time — a moment we need to seize as we turn the corner to a brighter future. As your economic development leader, I will continue working hard to build an advanced economy in the greater Sacramento region. Sincerely, BARRY BROOME President and CEO Greater Sacramento Economic Council 74 | December 2018