Comstock's magazine 1218 - December 2018 - Page 72

GREATER SACRAMENTO G REATER S ACRAMENTO E C O N O M I C C O U N C I L Select Sacramento A value proposition you can’t afford to ignore TALENT Greater Sacramento is outpacing California and the nation with respect to growth of highly qualified workers, 33% higher 2012-2017 growth than the U.S. Nearly half of our residents who have a bachelor’s degree or higher are in a STEM field. ACCESS Our region is driving innovation. 52.8% of all U.S. venture capital (a total $12.1 billion) originated in the Northern California Megaregion in 2Q2018 VALUE Greater Sacramento’s office space is 165% more cost effective than office space in San Francisco, 126% more cost effective than office space in San Jose, and 61% more cost effective than Los Angeles. Learn more about the Greater Sacramento opportunity for your business. Visit 72 | December 2018 @SelectSac @GreaterSac @SelectSacramento