Comstock's magazine 1218 - December 2018 - Page 37

Dignity Health UTILIZING NEW MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY TO IMPROVE THE PATIENT EXPERIENCE M edical technology continues care. Physicians have the choice between to rapidly evolve, and wearing the technology, or utilizing a hand physicians at Dignity Health held device. Both have transformed the are at the forefront of embracing these doctor-patient interaction. Physicians new technologies. By wearing specialty can now spend less time charting, and glass eyewear with Augmedix technology, more one-on-one time with the patient, as providers are able to remotely scribe patient information is securely transcribed over a data securely in real time, hands-free. This live, audio-visual feed. is one of the many ways Dignity Health is embracing innovation to improve the patient experience. “Patients have really embraced this technology,” continued Dr. Swales. “I wanted to use it because it helps us treat people as “Augmedix technology has allowed me people. I am able to better communicate, to better connect with my patients,” says make direct eye contact and pick up on Dr. Christopher Swales, a family medicine important nonverbal cues because I’m not physician with Dignity Health Medical tethered to a computer. My goal for the Foundation in Davis. “By removing the exam room is to connect with the patient, barrier of a computer that typically and by incorporating this new technology separates the physician from the patient, we’ve really been able to achieve that.” I can focus solely on the person in front of me. This has increased my personal interactions with patients, and maximized our time together during appointments.” “Not only has this technology improved the patient experience, but it has also improved how the physician performs their job. Technology should always enhance, not By incorporating the Augmedix technology, hinder patient care, and that’s absolutely Dignity Health has noted increases in the case here,” concluded Dr. Swales. “ Primary care appointments are quick, so integrating technology that allows us to better serve and connect with the patient, is absolutely our top priority. ” — DR. CHRISTOPHER SWALES efficiency, and most importantly patient December 2018 | 37