Comstock's magazine 1218 - December 2018 - Page 25

ON THE WEB ONLY Read the full stories at Looking for to Why We Need Success? It’s Make Friends Waiting Just with a Mentor Business owners invest a lot of time and a lot of Outside the Box! hard work into making their ventures succeed. But did you know there’s one type of investment that Thinking outside the box as an entrepreneur too many entrepreneurs overlook? doesn’t just mean coming up with the next great product or idea. It means going outside lines of We’re talking about spending time with a the successful what we think we Connecting know in order to the learn something business mentor. with right coach new! that can could ultimately make the as an Something entrepreneur ramp up our chances of difference Especially between since failure mentors and success. winning! have usually gone through business the very owners same challenges may be Complacent — the ones we lodged struggling with today. firmly inside their boxes — assume they already know what their market And many new Here are three key ways wants. that making friends with a entrepreneurs believe their product so awesome mentor can make a difference to the is success of our State Hornet to Cut Print Publication by Graham Womack In recent years, State Hornet staffers have been looking toward the web to find new ways to tell stories. During the 2017-18 school year, web traffic doubled from the previous academic year, hitting an average of roughly 18,000 new and 20,000 returning users per month. The 70-year-old student paper will cease its print edition at the end of the 2018-19 school year. it will simply end up selling itself! business: But 1. just because internet has RIGHT made it STUFF easier They help us the commit to the than ever a company, have that trouble doesn’t mean it’s A lot of to us start entrepreneurs any prioritizing easier to figure out how to and get tasks. our product our many goals Instead or service into the hands of the the committed people who focus are willing of forging ahead with to pay for it. Remember, most new businesses we’re capable of, we scatter ourselves in too don’t fail many because of what Mentors we’re trying sell businesses — they fail directions! help to keep because they know how to sell it, effective or who they on track by don’t offering insight into the should be selling it to. allocation of our time, cash and energy. To 2. launch successful business, we’ve gotta be They a remind us we’re GIFTED willing to put some time and find effort getting The best coaches help us and into make use of the knowledgeable about and connecting with — — gifts we all have! By — providing a sounding board our and market! And example that means finding out hard who our a real-life of overcoming times customer is, what challenges they face, and how — business mentors guide us, inspire us, and our remind great new product is going to what make we life do. better us every day why we do for them. 3. They give us PERSPECTIVE Thinking the box demands different One of outside the most valuable mentor a traits is kind of mindset — one that’s based on the notion objectivity. Mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs of breaking out also of ruts. Because the that — but we’re on the outside of fact our is business, we looking can’t grow a business if we’re stuck in our of in. That gives them a unique view assumptions. sure can’t be a winner everything And from we our sales processes to our without investing in the skills and behaviors that marketing budget. And it means we’re likely to are unveil essential for success. aspects of our business we hadn’t even noticed before! Won’t You Be My Guide by Jessica Laskey When Robert X Trent launched Outlandish Experiences in August, he wanted to use unique, unforgettable experiences to help visitors fall in love with Nevada County. So the former director of the Nevada County Economic Resource Council built an online platform that connects visitors to local residents for guided adventures in Nevada City and Grass Valley. Mark Haney | CEO HaneyBiz is a Comstock’s strategic partner December 2018 | 25