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this month's CONTRIBUTORS SUZANNE Suzanne spent 10 years in corporate LUCAS human resources, where she hired, "Dilemma of the Month: How to Handle an Activist Employee" pg. 26 According to Feld, educating and activating a community’s high-wealth individuals — those with an annual income of at least $200,000 or a net worth of at least $1 million — around for-profit philanthropy is the biggest 3-5 year enabler of seed capital in a community. By translating the wealth in our com- munities into seed capital through for-profit philanthropy, we will be investing in the economic engine and innovation of the community. So, do you love Sacramento? Are you #SacramentoProud? Do you want to see Sacramento’s innovation community not only catch up with other innovative U.S. cities but rise to be- come a recognized innovation hub? We invite Sacramento’s high-wealth individuals to show their pride not only in our burgeoning arts and farm-to-fork food scenes or our professional sports teams, but also in our startup and innovation community. By investing in local en- trepreneurs, you’re helping sustain the long-term economic growth of our local economy. By increasing the number of successful innovative technology companies in our region, we’ll provide higher-income jobs and better employment op- portunities for our university graduates. Ultimately, this will contribute to making our region a more desirable place to live. How can you contribute? Learn about investing in startups. Build strong angel networks to enable the funding of early- stage startups. We invite existing investors to help educate potential new investors to strengthen the local angel inves- tor network. Imagine the impact we can have if we plug in the capital and knowledge of thousands of successful people in our region to invest their time, expertise and capital in our innova- tion ecosystem. Then we will truly be a region on the rise. fired, managed the numbers and double-checked with the lawyers. She left corporate life to focus on making HR transparent and helping people have the best careers possible. She is a top global HR influencer, who writes and speaks about making work better for everyone. She welcomes your emails and suggestions. She currently lives in Switzerland where she eats more chocolate than she should. Read more at On Twitter @RealEvilHRLady. JENNIFER Jennifer is a freelance writer who FERGESEN- covers food and the stories be- "The Best of Both hind it. Born in New Jersey, she has Worlds" written for publications around pg. 34 the world, including The Reykjavik Grapevine in Iceland and The Food Rush in the United Kingdom. She teaches creative nonfiction at UC Davis, where she is completing her master’s degree. “I loved talking to Joey Woolston of Backbone Café about his passion for quality, down to details like cooking oil that the customer will never see,” she says of her story in this month’s issue. “Entrepreneurs in Sacramento care so much about what they do.” See more of Jennifer’s work at jcfrgsn. JEFF Jeff has been writing regularly for WILSER Comstock's since 2010. He loves "Go Fund Yourself" Sacramento, but these days he is pg. 38 Jeff Bennett is the cofounder and president of StartupSac, a nonprofit organization founded in 2015 to accelerate the greater Sacramento region’s startup and innovation ecosystem by informing, educating, em- powering and connecting its startup founders and innovators. Jeff is also a freelance multimedia designer and content creator, co-curator of the Sacramento Startup Digest and an organizer for the 1 Million Cups Sacramento team. Laura Good is the cofounder and COO of StartupSac. Her passion for startups was fueled by her experience working for a technology startup from its early stage to its successful exit five years later. A veteran of the electronics industry, she has extensive private-sector executive manage- ment experience in areas including finance, operations, manufacturing, marketing communications, technical sales and product management. traveling the world indefinitely, with only a backpack and a laptop. "Work- ing on this story was a great reminder that sometimes, especially in startup culture, the 'non glamorous' stuff can be just as important as fancy tech or splashy concepts. Funding matters. Capital is a big deal. It was fascinat- ing to step into this world," says Jeff about his feature story in this month's issue. He is also the author of six books, including "The Book of Joe: The Life, Wit, and (Sometimes Acci- dental) Wisdom of Joe Biden." December December 2018 2018 | | 17