Comstock's magazine 1218 - December 2018 - Page 113

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT By the Numbers FOOD PRODUCTION INDUSTRY IN GREATER SACRAMENTO $2,000,000,000 California’s Capital Region contains the World Food & Agriculture Innovation Zone, a discover y-to-distribution network in the heart of California’s Central Valley. The World Food & Agriculture Innovation Zone builds tech and biotech solutions that are used worldwide. FUNDING FOR AG AND BIO TECH STARTUPS IN GREATER SACRAMENTO SINCE 2010 SEED RELATED COMPANIES LOCATED NEAR UC DAVIS $211,000,000 JOBS IN LIFE SCIENCE 141,405 15% INCREASE IN LIFE SCIENCE JOBS in the last 5 years 100+ CALIFORNIA IS THE MOST PROFITABLE STATE TO DO BUSINESS 144% more profitable than Texas 157% more profitable than Illinois 173% more profitable than Ohio 28% more profitable than New York SOURCE: FORTUNE 500, 2015: WILMERHALE, 2015 IPO REPORT #1 IN THE NATION FOR MOST IPOS 4x HIGHER 3X HIGHER FIRST DAY GAINS NATIONAL AVG. FIRST YEAR GAINS First year gains = NEW JOBS SOURCE: FORTUNE 500, 2015: WILMERHALE, 2015 IPO REPORT SOURCE: SELECTSACRAMENTO.COM December 2018 | 113