Comstock's magazine 1218 - December 2018 - Page 101

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT tech companies; the sector has the highest turnover rate, at 13.2 percent, of all busi- ness sectors, according to a 2018 turnover report from LinkedIn. This is especially apparent in nearby San Francisco, where software engineers have the shortest av- erage job tenure of any metro area, and well below the national average, according to 2017 Indeed resume data. “I think it’s been hugely beneficial to be based in Sacramento, instead of in [Sil- icon] Valley,” Klein says. “We’re able to recruit amazing talent who move here for the quality of life and affordability of the region. Meanwhile, we get the competitive advantage of great, affordable talent that is loyal and doesn’t just jump to the next company every 18 months.” And then there are the basic tenets of Sacramento life, also important to busi- nesses in the area. “The attractiveness of low traffic, qual- ity schools, fresh air and a high quality of life can’t be overstated, and there are many talented people who hit their 30s, want to start a family and realize they can’t afford that in San Francisco. This is the core of the next-gen talent market we’re developing in Sacramento,” Klein says. The company works closely with Sierra College and William Jessup University to find talent for its various teams. At least 10 of the company’s hires have come from Jessup, and one current member of its se- nior leadership team was initially hired out of Jessup’s business program. “People in Sacramento are just resil- ient,” says SkySlope Marketing Manager Christine Foster. “They find other ways. And I think that’s what the city is built on. People who choose not to go to the rat race, but instead create their own success- es here.” For SkySlope, a Sacramento-based real estate software company with 135 employees, the region’s talent is inimita- ble. When SkySlope hires, they not only review traditional qualifications but are ul- timately looking for an ineffable “it” factor in job candidates, and that type of talent is not lacking in the region. For positions in its sales and operations department, for example, hires have come from posi- tive interactions at places like Starbucks, Jamba Juice or Chipotle. One current hire stemmed from a good conversation a re- cruiter had with her Uber driver: That per- son is now excelling on SkySlope’s support team. “We’re looking for drive,” Foster says. “Our philosophy at SkySlope is we can teach people how to do the job ... what we want to see is people who are innovators, people who are pushing the envelope.” n Willie Clark is a writer, editor, photographer and co-host of the 8 Bit Awesome gaming pod- cast. On Twitter @_WillieClark or willieclark. Sacramento County is an innovative organization dedicated to providing outstanding services, resulting in amazing places to live, work, play and thrive. Our goal is to create an extraordinary quality of life for our residents and businesses. December 2018 | 101