Comstock's magazine 1118 - November 2018 - Page 89

clinicians, as well as providers and teachers – the people who can make a difference for these kids every day,” says Abbeduto. In just 20 years MIND Institute researchers have made important discoveries about the environmental, biological, and genetic risks for autism, fragile X syndrome and other disorders and developed methods that may prevent and treat them. They also have created extensive training programs for parents, teachers, and clinicians in the Sacramento region and throughout the world so that every affected child, beginning in infancy, gets the best chance for healthy growth and development. In 2017, the Institute’s clinics had 6,100 patient visits for diagnosis, treatment, testing, and parent education, but the Institute seeks to serve the far greater number in need. “A new initiative for us is extending our reach, through innovative technology, to more families,” notes Abbeduto. “For example, we’re exploring using telehealth technology, a type of video interface, so we can train and coach parents in their own homes, in real time, in ways of supporting their children’s development. This saves families the burden of travel, and opens our services to people from all locations, backgrounds, and walks of life.” The Institute also is using virtual reality to train people with neurodevelopmental disorders so they’re better prepared for life’s challenges, whether with family, school, or work, and developing digital games that help to improve learning and memory. Abbeduto concludes, “Families depend on our research, clinical services, and training of scientists and clinicians. We want to have the entire community, including the business community, recognize what we do and the incredible strides we’ve made, and to support us with any contributions and technological assistance possible so we can reach even more people in need.” ( profile generously sponsored by We are honored to support the groundbreaking research of the MIND Institute and are humbled by the exceptional support it provides to patients and families. — Chrysa Tsakopoulos Demos, president & CEO, AKT Investments Inc. November 2018 | 89