Comstock's magazine 1118 - November 2018 - Page 80

GAMING Stones Gambling Hall of Citrus Heights SKIN IN THE GAME Gaming in the Capital Region sees changing tides and waves of economic impact BY JORDAN VENEMA 80 | November 2018 With eight operating card rooms and the Elks Tower Casino expected to open next year, Sacramento County will soon have more active card rooms than any other county in California, with four of those licenses operating in Sacramento alone. Moreover, four large tribal casinos surround Sacramento County, with two expected to open in 2019 and a third in Elk Grove in 2020. For those looking to risk it all, there’s no metropolitan area in California that offers more opportunity to do so than right here in Sacramento, and though card halls and casinos are ultimately dealing in games of chance, their increasing economic output in the region is hardly a gamble.