Comstock's magazine 1118 - November 2018 - Page 61

SALUTING VETERANS Siemens Mobility, Inc FROM MILITARY TO MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE V eteran Bryan Tannehill has for contingencies. “In a squadron, embraced the responsibilities of you maintain your own aircraft his role as Manager of Operation and understand the importance of Services at Siemens Mobility Rolling Stock, maintenance and teamwork,” he notes. an international leader in providing rolling “Those skills relate to this manufacturing stock and related services. Siemens hired environment, too, helping me take this Tannehill in January this year, recognizing department to a new level.” his military background as a big asset. The Marine Corps also taught Tannehill the An officer in the Marine Corps from 2007 to philosophy of serving those who work for 2017, Tannehill served as a V-22 pilot, with you – an important concept for Siemens, two deployments flying the Osprey, and because it requires high-performance achieved the rank of major. He led multiple people to build the high-performance teams in both the cockpit and on the ground, trains for rail agency customers across the including operations and maintenance. country. “Leaders eat last,” he explains. Today, Tannehill oversees internal maintenance and transportation, and non- stock consumables purchasing for Siemens Mobility at their 583,000-square-foot rail manufacturing plant in Sacramento. “I’ve been given a great opportunity to manage first in line and the commanding officer is last, making sure others are fed first. That leadership style works at Siemens, too. I can ask for effort from people, and they give it, knowing I’m willing to do as much or more.” Siemens supports veterans through multiple efficiency of the operations department,” charitable organizations and is committed he says. to hiring veterans across the United States. prepared him to be adaptable, work with imperfect information, and plan BRYAN TANNEHILL “In chow hall, the most junior Marine is our service department and increase Tannehill’s military aviation background “The Marine Corps taught me skills and philosophies that enable me to help guide Siemens operations support to the next level.” Tannehill, true to the Marines, also supports the Wingman Foundation, established by Naval aviators. Siemens Mobility, Inc. Twitter: @SiemensUSA Facebook: @SiemensUSA November 2018 | 61