Comstock's magazine 1118 - November 2018 - Page 44

n ENERGY “The idea that a big, even really safe utlity could go bankrupt is not crazy.” - J.R. DeShazo, director, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation In any case, CCAs’ long-term success is no guarantee, according to the Luskin Center’s J.R. DeShazo. “The idea that a big, even really safe utility could go bankrupt is not crazy,” he says. “It just takes the wrong set of conditions and bad policy by the legislature.” He points to PG&E’s bank- ruptcy in 2001. Ratepayers are still footing the bill for that failure, he says. Windeshausen acknowledges the risk that a CCA could fail but says it’s overstated. Pioneer was funded through a $16 million bond issued by the Placer County treasury. Pi- oneer has already paid down $3 million and is on track to repay the full $16 million within about two years, she says. Windeshausen is willing to put her reputation behind Pioneer’s success: She’s been re-elected multiple times since 1994. “I live here, I’ve raised my family here, and I’m very passionate about Placer County,” she says. “We have a history and a track record of really solid deals.” n Steven Yoder writes about business, real estate and criminal justice. His work has appeared in The Fiscal Times, Salon, The American Prospect and elsewhere. On Twitter @syodertweet and at CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2018 SACRAMENTO TOP FUNDRAISER   Workers Compensation Insurance Workers Compensation Compensation Insurance Insurance Workers Safety Minded California Employers     For Workers Compensation Insurance For Safety Safety Minded Minded California California Employers Employers For   For Safety Minded California Employers PROTECTING YOUR EMPLOYEES AND YOUR BUSINESS SINCE 1989   ����ca�e�es�ns�co� �ased in Rocklin, CA PROTECTING YOUR EMPLOYEES AND   YOUR BUSINESS SINCE 1989     ����ca�e�es�ns�co� �ased �ased in in Rocklin, Rocklin, CA CA ����ca�e�es�ns�co� ����ca�e�es�ns�co� �ased in Rocklin, CA PROTECTING YOUR YOUR EMPLOYEES EMPLOYEES AND AND YOUR YOUR BUSINESS BUSINESS SINCE SINCE 1989 1989 PROTECTING 44 | November 2018 ALL STAR Delbert Stapp Harv’s Metro Car Wash The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) would like to thank all of the 2018 Man & Woman of the Year participants. Because of their efforts and commitments, LLS is able to advance breakthrough cancer treatments and therapies. Beating Cancer Is in Our Blood. For more information visit