Comstock's magazine 1118 - November 2018 - Page 33

something else without as much scrutiny. What I’m learning is how to do things in a way where people don’t feel attacked or like the rug has been swept from under them. But I also understand that given the short amount of time we have, we have to move quickly. I’m sure my staff gets tired of me saying it, but I start every conversation with ‘The status quo is bad, we have to make it better.’ The things that are good, let’s keep those, but the things that are functionally and structurally bad or have been bad for 30, 40, 50 years, it’s go time. Oftentimes, it’s easy to com- plain about things moving too fast when you’re not personally affected by the bad things that are happening. I know folks, for example, whose rents have risen 22 percent and who are emailing me saying they can’t afford their rent. For them, I’m moving too slow. For mothers who are burying their kids, I’m moving too slow. You were recently named one of For- tune magazine’s “40 Under 40.” You were endorsed by Oprah. You’ve been featured in national publications and have been on just about every news show. How do you keep yourself grounded in the day-to-day, some- times ponderous work of running what remains a very troubled city? I think the stay ing grounded part is probably the easier answer — because of my wife. None of all that phases her. My family is the same way. Most of my support team of folks are just people who, if I wasn’t mayor, would still have the same amount of love for me. That’s super helpful. But I also think spending time in the community is key because people who are incredibly marginalized, they don’t know about or care about Fortune or Forbes or Oprah. They care about how we’re going to get this park cleaned up and how are we going to keep it safe. So just spending as much time with regular community folks, especially folks who are feeling the worst of Stockton more than others, is really humbling for me. n Rich Ehisen is the managing editor of State Net Capitol Journal. His work has appeared in Sunset, San Francisco Mag- azine, California Journal, Sacramento Magazine and the Lexis Legal Network. On Twitter @WordsmithRich. Thoughts about the Universal Basic Income program? TWEET US @COMSTOCKSMAG. SACRAMENTO / SAN FRANCISCO / LOS ANGELES You need an exceptional business bank. Not an enormous one. We’ve eliminated the red tape to provide you with fast decisions from bankers who know the Sacramento market. Because they live and work right here. That’s what we call good motivation. Beyond business as usual. Member FDIC November 2018 | 33