Comstock's magazine 1118 - November 2018 - Page 26

n EVIL HR LADY DILEMMA OF THE MONTH when hr and department heads clash by Suzanne Lucas ILLUSTRATION: JOHN CHASE I 'm the HR manager for my company, and a director wanted to write up an employee for posting an article titled "Employees Don't Leave Jobs, They Leave Managers” on her personal LinkedIn account. An anonymous employee took a screenshot of the post and gave it to the director. The director had already spoken with the employee and asked her to remove the article from LinkedIn, which she did. However, this doesn't appear to be a violation of our organization's social media policy. She didn't direct this post toward anyone and didn't add her own comments — she just shared an article she found interesting. What should I do? A 26 | November 2018 YOU CHEW OUT THE DIRECTOR. Her be- havior was completely and utterly inap- propriate. Social media policy or no, employees are allowed to share general business ar- ticles on their LinkedIn pages. And if the director were a good boss, she wouldn’t be threatened by this — after all, she wouldn’t assume the employee was talk- ing about her. I know that in most organizations, standing up to a director can be a daunting task for an HR manager. Just the difference in titles tells me that this person is higher