Comstock's magazine 1118 - November 2018 - Page 25

ON THE WEB ONLY Read the full stories at Obsessed with Why We Need to Our Customers? Make Friends We Should Be! with a Mentor Business invest a bricks lot of time and a a successful lot of It takes a owners lot of different to build hard work But into if making ventures But business. we had their to pick just one succeed. to obsess did you we know there’s type of investment that about, could do a one lot worse than our customers! too many entrepreneurs overlook? As a business owner, we have to be thinking about what our clients want all the time. We’re talking about spending time Customers with a successful that grow mentor. to love us will be happy stay in a coach business Connecting with to the right committed relationship with us and chances introduce as an entrepreneur can ramp up — our of us to their friends! But since not if mentors we make have it hard for them winning! Especially usually to be through loyal. gone the very same challenges we may be struggling with today. we’ve gotta show some Like any relationship, devotion to our key customers. gotta keep with track a Here are three ways that We’ve making friends of what’s important to them and keep in touch mentor can make a difference to the success of with our Sacramento Legalizes Food Bikes their needs. The last thing we want to do is let our business: relationship grow stale — or start taking our clients 1. They help us commit to the RIGHT STUFF for granted! A lot of us entrepreneurs have trouble Here are three our ways to feed prioritizing many goals our and customer tasks. Instead obsession: of forging ahead with the committed focus by Jennifer Fergesen 1. Listen to our of, customers. mean really we’re capable we scatter I ourselves in listen. too Johan and Koreen van Ravenhorst sell Dutch stroopwafels from a bicycle which has been modified to accommodate waffle irons, syrup warmers and a hand-washing station. This bike-based mobile vending setup makes Dutchman’s Stroopwafels unique in Sacramento — and, until September, it was also illegal. We should know our base market well that many directions! Mentors help keep so businesses understand what our clients want before on we track by offering insight into the effective they tell of us! our But time, we also recognize that allocation cash have and to energy. needs evolve. Listening to them 2. customers’ They remind us we’re GIFTED has to be ongoing. The best coaches help us find and make use of the 2. Focus on have! our team. Promoting a customer- gifts we all By providing a sounding board — driven culture starts of with us, but everyone and a real-life example overcoming hard times else has to be on board. We’ve gotta — business mentors guide us, inspire us, lead and by example. A day “do why what we I say, not what I remind us every do what we do. do” attitude doesn’t cut it when it comes to 3. They give us PERSPECTIVE spearheading a team. One of the most valuable mentor traits is 3. Communicate our are mission. If we’ve decided objectivity. Mentors seasoned entrepreneurs our company’s vision needs to include — that but we’re also on the outside of our business, prioritizing customers (and we should looking in. That gives them a unique view have), of then share that our message with everyone! everything from sales processes to our There’s no such thing as over-communication marketing budget. And it means we’re likely to when it comes to achieving goals. even unveil aspects of our business your we hadn’t noticed before! Antelope Launches PBID by Jordan Venema Creating a PBID requires a simple majority of property owners to submit a petition for self-assessment based on property taxes, which ultimately must be approved by the County Board of Supervisors, but the process can take years to organize community members, create boundaries and identify the needs within a specific district. Mark Haney | CEO HaneyBiz is a Comstock’s strategic partner November 2018 | 25