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this month's CONTRIBUTORS ALLEN Allen is an independent journalist PIERLEONI who previously worked at the Sacra- "Mr. Fixer" mento Bee as a writer and editor in the pg. 34 talent they need. They don’t need more construction manage- ment candidates — they need workers who know how to swing a hammer or weld custom HVAC systems. They need appli- cants with an aptitude for using their hands and their minds to produce a product. There are more groups in our region than ever working on vocational education and career technical ed- ucation models so we can provide our manufacturers with the talent and skills they need to keep them in our region. This is a critical step, but the job openings remain unfilled. We must figure out how to engage this generation of stu- dents and encourage them to pursue opportunities outside of a four-year degree. As the daughter of a university professor and administrator, I wholeheartedly embrace the importance of a college education, but it is time for us to recognize that not everyone needs to hold a baccalaureate degree to have a suc- cessful career and life. This is why we have worked so closely with our partners at Valley Vision, Los Rios Community Col- lege District, the Sacramento Valley Manufacturing Initiative, Sacramento State (with their outstanding practical, hands-on approach to higher education) and many others to move the needle for the employers, but, more importantly, to move the needle for those individuals who can flourish in a manufactur- ing vocation, if given the right tools and opportunities. The Power Inn Alliance is committed to all our manufac- turers, large and small. Our challenge to all of you is to become part of the village, to embrace them, to support them and to ensure we create an environment where they want to call the Capital Region home. Let’s start a manufacturing revolution, shall we? Tracey Schaal is executive director for Power Inn Alliance, a property and business improvement district, located in the southeastern quad- rant of the city of Sacramento, where she has been at the helm for three years. With over 20 years’ experience in economic development, mar- keting and nonprofit leadership, Schaal has utilized the PBID vehicle to rejuvenate the Power Inn corridor through partnerships and key pro- grammatic developments. A native of Ohio, Schaal received her B.A. in public administration from Miami University in Oxford, OH. features department for 30 years. "Cruising the aisles at Corti's is like attending an ultimate smorgasbord, with the bonus of having Store Director Rick Mindermann on hand to answer any questions," he says, of his story in this month’s issue. "Like owner Darrell Corti, Rick is a living reference library of all things food and drink." DEBBIE Debbie is a freelance photographer CUNNINGHAM who specializes in food, editorial and “Mr. Fixer” event photography, but sees pictures pg. 34 everywhere and in everything. She is a contributing photographer for Com- stock’s magazine, Sacramento Magazine and Edible Sacramento, among other publications, and has been published nationwide. When she comes out from behind the lens, you can find her lov- ing on her pets, making messes in her kitchen and eating her way through the Capital Region. To view more of her work, visit www.dlcunninghampho- RUSSELL Russell has been contributing to Com- NICHOLS stock's for seven years and in this "Good Help is Hard month's issue wrote about the short- to Find" age of mental health professionals in pg. 46 the Sacramento region, and strate- gies to fill the gaps. “These are wild times we're living in, so mental health support is critical, especially in com- munities of color, where the stigma around mental illness keeps so many suffering in silence,” he says. Rus- sell also writes Comstock’s’ monthly “Startup of the Month” column. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, Governing Magazine and Government Technology. He is currently traveling the world with his wife. November November 2018 2018 | | 17