Comstock's magazine 1117 - November 2017 - Page 81

Special Promotional Section SPACE SQUEEZE Folsom and El Dorado Hills are prime for new industrial developments BY STEVEN YODER Bob Kuhl has been around the Sacra- mento commercial real estate market for 42 years. For 37 of those, he ran his own commercial real estate company and today he’s senior vice president at Cemo Commercial based in Folsom. But even for a village elder, there’s a first time for every- thing. “I’ve never in my life told a client that I don’t have anything [to lease],” he says. “And not only don’t I have anything, but nobody else I know has anything.” Absent new building, that’s the fu- ture of industrial property in Folsom and El Dorado Hills. And it’s a case study of what’s happening across the region. Two recent reports show the cur- rent state of leasable industrial space. Across the Sacramento area, industrial rents are at a five-year high and will hit November 2017 | 81