Comstock's magazine 1117 - November 2017 - Page 67

teaching biology, physical science and world history this fall at Sacramento’s John F. Kennedy High School, as one of the program's inaugural 11 candidates. SCUSD officials know pipelines take years to develop a steady stream of teachers, which is why recruiting teachers from the Philippines became a solid short-term solution. But the 2016 Learning Policy Institute report A Coming Crisis in Teaching? notes that temporary tactics don’t always work out. “Short-term solutions may temporarily curb the fear of empty classrooms, but, as we found, they can often exacer- bate the problem over the long haul,” the authors wrote. “For example, if teachers are hired without having been fully pre- pared, the much higher turnover rates that result are costly in terms of both dollars spent on the replacement process and decreases in student achievement in high-turnover schools.” To prevent this from happening, SCUSD turned to Ligaya Avenida. REPEATING HISTORY If all of this sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Back in the early 2000s, SCUSD was dealing with a teacher shortage and called on Avenida. She had been working in San Francisco, helping school districts fill vacancies with foreign recruits through a U.S. Department of State teacher-exchange program. She aids recruits with the visa process and licens- ing, and finding housing. For three months, she helps them get acclimated to U.S. classrooms with accent reduction and classroom management workshops. She made a name for herself, bringing in teachers to rough- ly 20 districts in need around the country. She helped SCUSD fill its math and science teacher vacancies back then, so the district reached out to her in San Mateo, where she now runs a recruitment firm called Avenida International Consultants. In the Philippines, English is widely taught in schools, an official language, along with Taga ˈH[KX\™ݙ\YHHKˈYܙHܛ\RK]Z[H[Z[\\[KXX\[X\[H[ٙ\Z\ܙY[X[HKˋ][YH^\ˈH[^\[\[XX\]BHYܚ]X[][و\H]XZ\[HYX[܂Y[]XX[YY˂[\Xݙ\X\ˈݙ\\\YX\[X[[YYY\ۙHXZ܈XܝZ]Y[[H܈XX[YKB][ۈXX\][[؈Z\]X]H[X”]K[[]ۋHX[H\[ܙX\BXܝZ]Y[Yܝ[H^H\XKˈ\و\[X\B\X\X]]HX[Y\܈\YYYXX[YXKB[ۈXX\H[ݚ[\]\][ۜ\HZ[[YۈHZ[H\\^\ZZKH\X8&\[][X][ۂܙY\[[Y[\H Xܘ[Y[΂Y[[Xܘ]]H\YۋXZ[ڙX[]\H܈LLš[[YܛXKMHYX\و[ݘ]]B\Yۋݙ[X\ M\XY˘B