Comstock's magazine 1117 - November 2017 - Page 56

T'S LATE ON A MONDAY EVENING. WEST SACRAMENTO MAYOR CHRISTOPHER CABALDON SITS ON HIS LIVING ROOM SOFA, AT THE CENTER OF A LARGE SPACE VOID OF CLUTTER. He has remained here for the past two hours, rehashing details of his private life: his inclination toward isolation, his coming out story and, most significantly, memories of his mother’s fatal accident. As the sun slips below the horizon, Cabaldon neglects to f lip on a light switch. Nightfall dims the room, and as the mayor goes on about the tragic roots of his remarkable enterprise, he allows his room to fill with darkness. In his professional role, Cabaldon is usually an exceptionally fast talker. Few can match his cadence, especially when he’s revved up on a political issue on which he wants to lead. He’s won six re-elections to become the longest-serving mayor in West Sacramento history, a tenure marked by undeniable progress. Under Cabaldon’s watch, the city has transformed from an impoverished industrial district in Yolo County to a modernizing area with trendy riverfront residences and communal spaces, a minor league baseball team, and a sustaining industry around food and agriculture. While 56 | November 2017