Comstock's magazine 1117 - November 2017 - Page 32

n ON THE MARKET HOT OR NOT? The local real estate market doesn’t look the same at all price points BY Ryan Lundquist EVERYWHERE I LOOK LATELY, THERE’S ANOTHER PIECE IN THE NEWS ABOUT SACRAMENTO’S RISING RENTS, sky- rocketing home values or how desper- ate buyers feel in the midst of a housing shortage. It seems like our real estate market is on fire, to the benefit of prop- erty owners and home sellers. But is the market really that hot throughout the Capital Region? 32 | November 201 7 Let’s talk about this, because there’s more to the story. FRG'WF2FR"ЦWB&Vǒ6( BFrFR6RFrWfW'&6R&vR"Vv&&BFbFR&WBƖR'W76W7FrFW7B2FW&R&R琦ƗGFRF2vFR&vRFFW&P&R7V"&WG2vFFP&vW"&WB"b&'&rЦwg&ג6VvRV'2( B6FP&VW7FFR&WB2ƖRB6W@FVWBbFR֖7&vfRFBF66R'F2&R&r@vRFW'2&Vǒv&( B WfVg&VƖRB6WBvR66FR&VW7FFR&WB2BfW"Ц'WBN( 2FVfFVǒBFR6RFVЧW&GW&RWfW'&V"&6R&vR66FW"6RWW2bFR7W"Ч&VB&WBFR67&VF&Vv