Comstock's magazine 0818 - August 2018 - Page 85

stem STEM education EDUCATION and pi day Developing tomorrow's S T EM workforce today R oseville’s TSI Semiconductors Corp., a world-class semiconductor technology development and production company, is tackling the challenge of preparing a qualified workforce head on. Needing technicians and engineers, TSI has partnered with colleges and universities to create a pipeline of graduates qualified for their positions. By inspiring the next generation toward STEM education, TSI helps themselves and other tech firms. “We hope our school partnerships become a model for other tech companies,” says Scott Olsen, Senior Manager Human Resources. TSI’s longtime partnership with Sierra College serves all involved. “Sierra College created a mechatronics program with TSI’s needs in mind,” explains Olsen. “We donate equipment, sponsor their robotics club, provide an internship program, and offer positions to their students. In turn, they supply us with STEM educated job candidates, and those hired can have long, successful careers.” TSI also hires from Cosumnes River College, American River College and UC Davis. Now the company hopes to motivate high school students toward STEM careers through a partnership with the Placer County Office of Education. “Last year, we celebrated Pi Day, March 14 (3.14), by inviting education leaders, administrators, and elected officials to our facility,” says Olsen. “This year, we invited high school students, selected for their interest in STEM, and created a captivating Pi Day program for them.” The day was a great opportunity for students to see science TSISEMI.COM and technology in action, and now the company looks to further engage high school students. "Technology companies, including ours, rely upon STEM-educated personnel,” says TSI’s CEO, Bruce Gray. “For a supply of qualified labor in the future, we’ve partnered with STEM program educators at area high schools, community colleges and universities. These partnerships are strategic investments of time and resources, with a simple goal – TSI gains a well- prepared workforce, and students are qualified for high-paying jobs that are in high demand. That's a win-win." ( profile generously sponsored by August 2018 | 85