Comstock's magazine 0818 - August 2018 - Page 81

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL SECTION ing this year as WOW’s presenting spon- sor. “What’s really important about art is it conveys the personality and vibrancy of the community.” Through art, the concept of commu- nity stretches beyond boundaries. Lin Fei Fei, who moved from China to California in 2015, will be participating in this year’s festival. For WOW, she plans to use spray paint and house paint to create a mural that she says “celebrates the shape of our bodies and the diverse atmosphere” of Sacramento. She specializes in large-scale oil paintings and says she always wanted to do street art, which isn’t popular in her home country. “I’ve always dreamed of being a street artist,” Fei s ays. “Due to circumstances beyond my control in China, it’s hard to ex- press yourself in public there and street art can be a bit of a gray area. It will be great if I can have my mark artistically in this town that I now consider as my second home.” As part of the WOW alumni family, Delgado is coming back this year, leading a collaboration project to make a new mural on a wall at Sacramento State. The image will be the word Sacramento, with 10 dif- ferent artists drawing one of the letters in their own unique style. “It’s a typography exercise but inside each letter, the work will be distinct,” he says. “I think Sacramento talent is like that. And once the international spot- light comes, I want everybody to see we are right there with the best artists in the world.” n Russell Nichols is a freelance writer who focus- es on technology, culture and mental health. His work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Governing Magazine and Government Technology. On Twitter @russellnichols. “ONCE YOU LEAVE, YOU GO BACK TO YOUR TOWN AND TALK ABOUT THIS MURAL. THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT IS SOCIAL CAPITAL.” - Doug Warren, regional director of operations, Welcome Group MORE THAN A GREAT BUILDER! PROJECT FEATURES Transforming the downtown entertainment district September 2020 scheduled completion 121,000 square feet S AC R A M E N TO CO M M U N I T Y C E N T E R T H E AT E R Rendering provided by DLR/WRL State-of-the-art staging, seating and acoustics New patron drop-off/pick up areas New L& K street lobby Donor lounge SOLVING OUR CLIENTS NEEDS SINCE 1950 General Construction // Program & Construction Management // Engineering & Architectural Services // Facilities Management 2 4 5 0 V E N T U R E O A K S W AY, S U I T E 5 0 0 , S A C R A M E N T O , C A 9 5 8 3 3 W W W. K I T C H E L L . C O M August 2018 | 81