Comstock's magazine 0818 - August 2018 - Page 79

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL SECTION Mural above Jalapeños Mexican Restaurant on 21st Street by Raphael Delgado. CASE STUDY: CREATING CULTURE HUBS Wide Open Walls shows how public-private partnerships create social capital BY RUSSELL NICHOLS The big bear wasn’t going to be that bright. Raphael Delgado initially planned to paint his version of the iconic California Bear in dark tones and muted colors on the wall above Midtown’s Jalapeños Mex- ican Restaurant on 21st Street. But last summer, during the inaugural Wide Open Walls mural festival, the Sacramento artist improvised. “The people watching me paint were saying, ‘Use more yellow, use more red,’” he recalls. “By the end, it turned into this fiery bear. I wanted to reinvigorate some- thing we’ve seen a million times, make it seem brand new.” In that sense, Delgado’s vibrant mural represents the essence of WOW, a region- August 2018 | 79