Comstock's magazine 0818 - August 2018 - Page 73

Founded in 2015, Explore Elk Grove has made its mission to introduce Elk Grove to the world through destination development and brand management. “We proudly promote Elk Grove to the outside world,” explains Thompson. “This city has so much going for it — charming residential neighborhoods, abundant recreational opportunities, and first-rate dining, shopping, and hotel accommodations. In addition to all of that, we offer a vast array of meeting-space options, and invite any group to explore our offerings, whether it’s for a business conference, wedding party, or sport competition.” In addition to being a breath of fresh air for business meetings, Elk Grove is a hub for youth sports. The city hosts everything from swim meets to softball and soccer tournaments, and it’s a great place for the whole family to cheer on their athlete. Between events or after the game, a vibrant family-fun scene awaits to help everyone unwind. “Any city promoting itself as a destination for gatherings has to “Elk Grove is Sacramento County’s gem — small-town charm with every amenity you need for your gathering and more.” — JT THOMPSON Explore Elk Grove have the hotels to accommodate visitors, and Elk Grove does,” says Thompson. “Our hotels give guests that friendly, home-town vibe, and every hotel within the city has recently undergone or is currently undergoing renovations to update and revitalize their offerings.” Let Explore Elk Grove help you plan your event with flexibility and ease! Submit an RFP, and let their experts find a perfect venue and help make your gathering a success. Find out how great Elk Grove can be for you, your family, your teammates, and your business colleagues! PO Box 1416 Elk Grove, CA 95759