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tired .” ( The most popular response , with 56 percent :
“ Because I like the taste .”)
DAYS 7-9 : BARGAINING Big milestone . I ’ m now one week into my misery , and by now I should be completely free of the withdrawal systems . This is the real baseline . This is the real me .
Yet I still don ’ t feel anywhere near my peak . I ’ m not sleeping better , I don ’ t feel more relaxed , I still have trouble concentrating and I still crave my morning anchor .
On top of this , I begin to notice a new problem — I ’ m struggling to fit in with group interactions . And maybe that ’ s not surprising , as coffee seems to have a unique
ability to lubricate business conversations — like drinks on a first date . “ The phrase , ‘ Let ’ s grab a coffee and chat ’ is a driver of a lot of new , collaborative activity ,” Kuhl says . “ Having a coffee helps people communicate more effectively , and that always helps overcome challenges and facilitate new ideas .”
I ’ m in Singapore for a two-day conference , and the event ’ s emcee instructs everyone to take a coffee break . In a classic moment of networking , the crowd breaks into little clusters around the coffee carafes , people introduce themselves , pass the cream and sugar , and they make the small talk that could lead to big talk . I watch from the sidelines , unable to participate — the nerd at the school dance .
“ We know that coffee is important in the workplace ,” says H . Rao Unnava , dean of UC Davis Graduate School of Management . “ Business leaders we know anecdotally have said , ‘ We cannot imagine any deal going through if there wasn ’ t coffee in the room .’”
Unnava and his wife , Vasu Unnava ( also a professor with the Graduate School of Management ) conducted research that suggests coffee meetings are actually more productive than the coffeeless alternatives . The professors studied two different groups of university students : one



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64 comstocksmag . com | August 2018
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