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Coffee also treats us to extra bits of dopamine — that joyous chemical we get from things like exercise, cupcakes and sex. Harvard University researchers found that people who drink two to four cups of coffee a day are 50 percent less likely to kill themselves. Come to think of it, I do feel a bit depressed. (Normally I’m an upbeat person — even annoyingly so.) I’m currently working from Southeast Asia and have no interest in doing anything fun. Visit a temple, go on a tour, see a museum? Nope, I’ll just f lop on the couch and watch Netf lix, thanks. Anchors are just as important in corporate environments that require teamwork. “Coffee breaks re-establish interper- sonal interaction,” Barrett says. “Often people in different departments find themselves in the break room around the same time, and these are also sometimes important rituals.” In office culture, breaks tend to happen around coffee, and breaks are valuable. A 2010 Massachusetts Institute of Technology study tracked employee performance at Bank of America’s call centers and found that when staff took coffee breaks together, they were nearly 20 percent more produc- tive (as measured by average call time) and 19 percent less DAYS 4-6: ANCHORLESS stressed (as measured by biometric sensors). What explains I begin to feel less depressed and lethargic, but realize I miss the results? “Strong social groups are beneficial to produc- more than the physical effects of caffeine. I miss the ritual tivity,” explained the researchers in their study, and the — the daily ceremony, and even romance, of gazing at that coffee breaks facilitated that social bonding. black liquid as it pours from the carafe, taking the first sip All breaks are not created equal, and simply alt-tabbing and feeling the mug’s warmth in my hand. I miss sipping from Excel to Twitter does not give the same recharge as coffee while reading the news. Without this ritual, I feel lost. stepping away from the computer to let one’s mind wan- Barrett McBride, a Sacramento-based leadership coach der. This is supported by a 2017 survey from the Institute and organizational development consultant, tells me that for Scientific Information on Coffee of 8,000 coffee-drink- I have lost my “anchor,” something that’s critical in any ing Europeans who were asked why they drink it at work. workplace. “Anchors re-establish continuity and provide Forty percent of respondents said the primary reason was something people can count on in the midst of and in the “to have time to pause and rest while drinking/preparing aftermath of change,” she says. coffee,” edging out “to feel more alert” and “to feel less REGION REGION BUILDERS BUILDERS ANNUAL ANNUAL BBQ FRIDAY, FRIDAY, AUGUST AUGUST 24TH 24TH 6300 6300 FOUNTAIN FOUNTAIN SQUARE SQUARE DRIVE DRIVE 95621 95621 Join 1,000 regional Join 1,000 regional business, business, community, community, civic civic and and elected leaders leaders for for the the largest largest political political networking networking event event of the year! BBQ year! BBQ features features exceptional exceptional farm-to-fork farm-to-fork food, food, beer beer and wine; silent silent auction; auction; live live DJ; DJ; awards; awards; and and a a brief brief program. program. wine; Friday Friday Aug. 24 24 th th Aug. For more more information information email email us us at at For Paid for by Region Builders Political Action Committee, sponsored by Region Business Paid for by Region Builders Political Action Committee, sponsored by Region Business August 2018 | 63