Comstock's magazine 0818 - August 2018 - Page 50

n LAW weekends when she needs to. Both the manager and the cli- The tougher rule on contractors could pose a challenge ent think she deserves to be salaried since she’s “the kind of in today’s economy in which gig workers provide much of worker who wants to get the job done without tracking time,” the fuel powering new companies. In the past, startups Arsich explains. The office manager wants to be salaried — without much money used contractors to both ramp up she thinks there’s prestige in being exempt. But none of that production during their launch and to evaluate who would is relevant to what the law requires, says Arsich. make a good fit as permanent hires, Stevenson says. A For others, it’s willful blindness. Some of those who recent survey of 700 companies shows how important con- contact Stevenson tell her they don’t care what the law says tractors have been: 45 percent of company executives said — they’re going to continue doing business as they have. Oth- they expected their companies’ demand for independent ers say they can’t be profitable if they have to stay within the contractors to grow in the following five years. legal confines. “Until they feel the pinch, they’re going to Given that reality, new companies should make full continue to do what they’re doing,” Stevenson says. use of the f lexibility they have in hiring employees. Arsich Getting caught misclassifying someone as exempt inst