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ON THE WEB ONLY Read the full stories at Why We Live Our Need to Business Make Friends Vision Every a Day! with Mentor Business owners invest a lot of time and a lot of The very best reason for sharing our business hard work into making their ventures succeed. But vision as often — and as loudly — as possible, is did you know there’s one type of investment that that it helps to inspire a culture of engagement, too many entrepreneurs overlook? dedication and focus. And that’s a bona fide recipe We’re talking about success! spending time with a successful for entrepreneurial business mentor. Connecting with the right coach Some business owners worry that repeating as an entrepreneur can ramp up our chances of themselves over and over can take away from any winning! Especially since mentors have usually impact they’re trying to make. But if your message gone through the very same challenges we may be is authentic, then the opposite is true! So as the struggling with today. leader of your organization, you should be looking Here are to three key ways that making with a for ways communicate your vision friends to the people Meet Sac Republic’s Director of Pitch by Steve Martarano Follow Randy Brink, who holds the volunteer position of Sacramento Republic FC’s director of pitch, around before a match and you’ll see how many different ways fans can say hi. As familiar at Sacramento sporting events as the Delta Breeze, Brink has been a part of every professional sports team that called Sacramento home the past 40 years. mentor can make a difference to the success of our you work with every day. business: Regularly expressing your passion for an idea is 1. They help us commit to the RIGHT STUFF guaranteed to generate excitement in others. In A lot of us have trouble fact, some of entrepreneurs the most successful entrepreneurs prioritizing our many goals and tasks. Instead claim that their biggest obsession in business is of forging ahead with the committed focus over-communicating their vision! we’re capable of, we scatter ourselves in too Sharing your purpose so that it stays fresh in the many directions! Mentors help keep businesses minds of your team has to be an ongoing process. on track by offering insight into the effective And that means you need to be crystal-clear on allocation of our time, cash and energy. what your vision is all the time. Don’t be afraid to 2. They remind us we’re GIFTED revisit and redefine your entrepreneurial dreams best coaches help find and you make can use of the on The occasion. Because it’s us only when gifts we all have! providing a sounding visualize them with By absolute clarity that you board can — and a real-life example of overcoming hard times transform those dreams into a successful business. — business mentors guide us, inspire us, and One of your goals as an entrepreneur should be remind us every day why we do what we do. to live your business vision every day. Remember: 3. They give us PERSPECTIVE there’s an awful lot more to communication than One of the most valuable mentor traits is just talking about something - and actions can objectivity. Mentors are seasoned entrepreneurs speak louder than words. If you really want others — but we’re also on the outside of our business, to believe in your vision, you’ve gotta show them looking in. That gives them a unique view of you believe in too! And that means living with everything from our sales processes to our your purpose up front and center as much as you marketing budget. And it means we’re likely to possibly can. unveil aspects of our business we hadn’t even noticed before! Where Did All the Cannabis Watchdogs Go? by Brad Branan Getting reliable information about cannabis may be more important than ever, as California and other states implement legalization, and other states consider the same direction. But finding reliable cannabis information has become harder because of another trend — the decimation of newsroom staffs. Mark Haney | CEO HaneyBiz is a Comstock’s strategic partner August 2018 | 25