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this month's CONTRIBUTORS JESSICA Jessica contributes a regular leader- KRIEGEL ship column to Comstock’s. She works "Who Are We, as an organizational development Anyway?" pg. 28 THE ENERGY FUTURE IS NOW Some larger companies — Apple and Samsung come to mind — are establishing carbon-neutral mandates, and many more are expected to follow. When you consider all energy options, elec- tricity is the only one that can potentially deliver the Holy Grail of being carbon-neutral. Renewable solar and wind generation used in utility green pricing programs or community solar re- sults in electricity that is carbon-free for the end user. Utilities and regulatory agencies are beginning to focus on the “electrification” of transportation, heating and cooking technologies. Developers benefit from electrification because going all-electric is an attractive option from a sustainability perspective and may be appealing to a customer segment, pro- viding a unique market offering. Also, gas infrastructure costs are reduced, with the saved money helping to pay for other up- grades such as solar photovoltaic rooftop systems. Everything said, when it comes to businesses using energy, it’s no longer the same old spreadsheet. We urge business own- ers to take advantage of the many offerings out there in the form of advice, measures, rebates, incentives, financing and unique programs that can save businesses money and go a long way in protecting our environment, both locally and globally. consultant for Oracle Corporation, where she acts as an adviser and strategist in organizational devel- opment, change management and talent development. In 2016, she authored Unfairly Labeled: How Your Workplace Can Benefit From Ditch- ing Generational Stereotypes. She completed her doctoral degree in educational leadership and manage- ment with a specialization in human resources development from Drexel University. Jessica also has an MBA in international business. For more, visit TOREY VAN OOT Torey is a freelance writer focused "The Creative Divide," on politics and the intersection of pg. 38 gender and power. Her work ap- pears on, Refinery29, Teen Vogue, The Washington Post's The Lily vertical and elsewhere. She let the waterworks flow — and emailed her mom an apology on be- half of her high school self — while watching Lady Bird for this month's cover story on tourism and market- ing in Sacramento. Read more of her work at or on Twitter @ToreyVanOot. KYLE MONK Kyle has an elegant and unique style "The Creative Divide," to his photography, blending mini- pg. 38 Steve Oliver manages SMUD’s large commercial energy efficiency and retrocommissioning programs. He is also responsible for commercial green pricing (Greenergy), commercial community solar (SolarShares) and the new All-Electric Smart Home program. In addition to 12 years of commercial energy efficiency experience, Steve’s background includes key account management and industrial equipment sales. A licensed mechanical engineer in California, Steve received a bachelor of sci- ence in nuclear engineering from UC Santa Barbara in 1991. He can be reached at malism with storytelling. His work specializes in a range of expertise, covering a broad gamut from com- mercial and fine art to documentary. A perfectionist, he believes his edu- cation will never be complete and lives to challenge his talents. Kyle now lives in Michigan with his fam- ily, working as a restaurateur and photographer. He has contributed to Comstock’s for 10 years. Visit www. August August 2018 2018 | | 17