Comstock's magazine 0618 - June 2018 - Page 7

90 YEARS OF LIGHT a poem for Collins Electrical Company by Sam Pierstorff We can count on the sun for light and heat but at night, at 3am, in a dark hallway when we are awakened by fear or famine and we need to see in the dark, we run our hands along familiar walls until we find a switch. And just like that, our small world glows with light. We do not consider the bulb or its filament, the wiring in the walls braided like hair, nor the conduit nor the breaker nor the callused hands of the electrician who twisted the ground wires tightly around a metal anchor so we do not drown when waves of light crash over us. This is how electricity works — a powerful current running quietly in the background. No fanfare, no parade, no applause. Just amps and flow and the fingerprints of Collins Electrical Company left behind the way love is left at an airport terminal, the way kindness is left in a tip jar. These are the people who light up our lives every day — in our homes or in hospitals where a mother’s heartbeat is a lullaby that soothes her newborn son to sleep — or in schools where students’ minds are brightened by teachers who hand knowledge over like a baton. Without electricity, there is darkness but for 90 years, Collins Electrical Company has illuminated our world — sending naval ships back into the seas, bringing power lines to the Hoover Dam and light to light sabers by electrifying Skywalker Studios for George Lucas. The force is strong with Collins Electrical Company because the force begins with family. Since 1928, when Mr. Collins could not pay his journeyman electrician, Gus Sanguinetti, he offered him half the company instead. Money was not the current that flowed through Collins. It was love and loyalty, and a foundation of employees laid stronger than concrete and steel like John Nomellini and Henning Thompson who began in the 1930s as teenage boys with moral ethics so strong not even a hurricane could blow a lie off their tongues. Then WWII called them to serve. They went with the promise that they’d be part owners if they came back alive — and they did. One Purple Heart and a sniper bullet later they’d bring their bravery back to Collins Electric and help grow the company into a force no one saw coming. Their mission was simple: Work hard — play hard, and hire the best people. For 90 years, while others dim and flicker like candlelight, Collins Electrical Company shines bright with passion, with integrity, with loyalty because employees are connected — not by wires or even words, but by love — every foreman, every electrician, every clerk, every estimator, every designer and engineer, every laborer in the field under the spotlight of the sun — pulling cable or digging trenches can feel the energy pulsing through everything that they do. Because the power of Collins Electrical Company is in its people, the people here have enough power and passion to light up the world. COLLINS ELECTRICAL COMPANY, INC. CA License No. 115427 3412 Metro Drive Stockton, CA 95215 209.466.3691