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at least not in the foreseeable future. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. “Plastic is no doubt a massive problem at the moment, but it is important that we remember how beneficial it is too,” SanClements says. “It’s a critical component of many modern products, and I see this as good. I have come to think of plas- tic like an invasive species — there is nothing inherently wrong with it, but when there is too much in the wrong place it becomes a problem.” THE DAWN OF NEW MATERIALS Bioplastics offer one solution that industry groups, environmentalists and innovators all support — with reservation, because bioplastics get complicated quickly. The materials the term can refer to, the cost of pro- curement and production, and the environmental impact throughout the supply chain, can all vary drastically. "I have come to think of plastic like an invasive species — there is nothing inherently wrong with it, but when there is too much in the wrong place it becomes a problem.” — Mike SanClements, author, Plastic Purge “Conversations about bioplastics be- come so tricky because you really need an accurate accounting of the birth- to-death of the product,” SanClements says, referring to a life-cycle analysis. The technology developed by Origin Materials can be applied to various biosourced materials, includ- ing forestry products such as wood chips, cardboard and sawdust, and agricultural residue such as rice straw or corn stover. Bioplastics made from a waste material such as rice straw or corn stover could potentially do more to reduce the carbon footprint, but the economics may not pencil out. Same goes with the environmental benefits. It takes a lot more work to gather up tons of rice straw spread out on farms throughout a state, for instance, than If you’re an AEC professional who has yet to use 3D scanning, what are you waiting for? Don’t be afraid to make the leap. CSDS can help you hit the ground running by providing the guidance and expertise you need to incorporate 3D scanning & imaging into your daily workflow. Benefits of 3D scanning include: • • • • • Save time: Capture millions of 3D dimensions in seconds. Gain precision: Avoid costly errors and site revisits. Enhanced deliverables: Estimate, analyze, design and report in true 3D. Preservation: Capture and preserve new and historic construction, digitally. Confidence: Gain expertise by bundling a scanner rental with on-site training. Call today to schedule an on-site demonstration on your next project! SACRAMENTO | DUBLIN | FRESNO | LOS ANGELES | SAN DIEGO | 916.344.0232 June 2018 | 65