Comstock's magazine 0618 - June 2018 - Page 35

they’re pretty and we like to hear music and blah, blah, blah, but that’s different from knowing intrinsically in a public-will sense that the arts are crucial to the health of a community. If the public doesn’t realize that art is vital to the community, then it’s easy to cut. It’s easy to cut the pretty things so that we can get down to business to make sure they know how to do the math. But if the kid doesn’t want to stay in school because doing the math isn’t contextual, if they don’t even know why they’re learning it and they just want to do something they feel strongly about, they won’t stay in school. They won’t become well-directed and they won’t feel challenged. But if you chal- lenge their heart and their mind and their spirit, the odds of them finding their right livelihood goes way up. n How can arts drive economic growth? TWEET US @COMSTOCKSMAG. Rich Ehisen is the managing editor of State Net Capitol Journal. His work has appeared in Sunset, San Francisco Magazine, California Journal, Sacramento Magazine and the Lexis Legal Network. On Twitter @WordsmithRich. June 2018 | 35