Comstock's magazine 0519 - May 2019 - Page 51

PHOTOS: MIKE GRAFF Completed in 100 days from initial concept to final construction, the landscape architects worked with the university staff and Manetti Shrem Director Rachel Teagle, as well as the construction crew, to make the compressed schedule work. Because the site was a parking lot, the landscape architects over-excavated to remove any contaminated soil and replaced it with quality earth and then reused the road base in the artwork footings. London planetrees and an existing sidewalk were maintained and new olive trees (inherited from the Manetti Shrem project) were added. Marq Truscott, former Quadriga principal (now with Atlas Lab) and UC Davis lecturer, has used the project to highlight problem-solving in the technical landscape architecture classes he teaches at UC Davis. “It has a nice little scale and a grade change, which works well for students to see how to problem solve,” he says. The designers had to create unique places and footings for five sculpture pieces donated by Mondavi’s friends and admirers. They also designed a pathway, using a low wall system and decomposed granite, to naturally move guests around the artworks and through the gardens. One of the art pieces, a modern steel sculpture by artist Jean-Pierre Rives, can be seen from the terminus of the museum hallway. The intention is to draw guests toward the garden. “The spirit and the collaboration and the focus from the top levels of design on campus to the contractors who were building the project was very, very interactive,” says Truscott. “In my al- most 35-year career, it is the most amazing project I’ve ever worked on.” May 2019 | 51