Comstock's magazine 0519 - May 2019 - Page 34

n TRANSPORTATION Second Crossing, a long-range multibillion-dollar joint effort between Amtrak and Bay Area Rapid Transit, is by far the most ambitious project. It would have tracks run across San Francisco Bay to San Francisco, maybe via bridge, maybe through a tube. It’s speculated the project could take up to 20 years, but would “open up a new market to service the North- ern California Megaregion,” Kutrosky says. The Sacramento-San Francisco leg is the most-traveled on the Capitol Corridor line. With a second crossing of the bay — BART uses the Transbay Tube — “Sacramento passengers would no longer have to transfer in Emeryville to a bus or in Richmond to BART to get into the city. They would have a one-seat ride, with continuing service down the peninsula,” Kutrosky says. Work on the “very initial” stages has begun, he says, in- cluding BART commissioning a $50 million, 10-year feasibil- ity study. OFF-ROAD UPGRADES On March 21, a man was hit and killed by a Capitol Corridor train at the Davis Amtrak station. In a statement, Amtrak offi- cials noted that “about 2,000 people are killed or injured each year in grade crossing and trespassing incidents nationwide.” In comparison, auto accidents kill more than 1 million people annually. Yet, safety remains a top priority. Last year, the Capitol Corridor outfitted its f leet with a computer system called Positive Train Control. In extreme situations, such as ap- proaching a curve too fast, it would take control and stop the train to avoid a major crash. On-time reliability is also key, particularly considering the inf lux of commuter riders. From December 2018 to Feb- ruary of this year, Capitol Corridor’s average weekday on- time performance score ranged from a low of 70 percent to the high 90s, with most in the middle to high 80s. “If we’re not going to be on time, our passengers want to know right away so they can make alternate plans,” Bakar says. To that end, service alerts go out over email, text and Twitter and are accessible on an app. Added to that are enhanced communications systems, such as onboard digital displays, interactive voice response with 24/7 telephone support and improved wayfinding at stations, Bakar says. Amenities and money-saving deals include recently upgraded free Wi-Fi, charging ports, a car with food and drinks, multiple discounts, and other promotions. “We want customers to get on board and feel like they can leave the stress of everyday life behind them,” Bakar says. Join the California State Railroad Museum in commemorating the 150TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD with new exhibits, special events, train rides and more. SESQUICENTENNIAL COMMUNITY DAY Old Sacramento Waterfront Wednesday, May 8, 2019 SESQUICENTENNIAL GALA Presented by Union Pacific Saturday, May 11, 2019 THE JUDAH MAP On display in its entirety for the first time ever through May 31, 2019. GOLD SPIKE EXHIBIT REDESIGN A permanent new home for one of the original Gold Spikes. THE CHINESE RAILROAD WORKER EXPERIENCE Gain a deeper understanding of workers’ lives through this ongoing exhibit. For more information, visit CaliforniaRailroad.Museum #railroad150 Old Sacramento Waterfront 34 | May 2019