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music has this big change, and very often in that moment someone comes out and saves her. In my version, no one comes to her rescue, and she sits on the ground and she cries for a little while, and then she stands up and she moves on. … If you look at this ballet, it had all traditional ballet steps, it had traditional ballet costumes, it had traditional ballet music. But I think we can tell the stories with a contemporary mindset to what we’re trying to say. Tell me about the importance of “Beer and Ballet” in terms of cultivating the next generation of talent? It is truly an investment in fostering new choreographic voices, and they are the future of our artform, so I’d say this is in- credibly important. This was a program that was started by Ron Cunningham and Carinne Binda about 25 years ago — I was a choreographer in the very first one. It’s a workshop, which means the pieces are all created by our dancers. This year, we have 10 pieces. There is one young man, he’s 19, and this is the first piece he has ever made. When they are choreographing, they pick their music, they decide their intention or the story they are telling, they work with our lighting designer, they work with our costume department. The thing I always think is most important is they are tasked, as the leader of the room, to foster the en- tire environment of the room. It’s so im- portant and it takes practice. When you’re a dancer, you are receiving the informa- tion, interpreting it and putting it back out. When you’re in the front of the room [as the choreographer], what you learn is incredibly valuable, and then you go back to being a dancer and receiving the infor- mation with what you just learned, and you become a better performing artist. So even if someone tries choreography and says they never want to do it again, they are now a better performing artist for that experience. Choreographic workshops are so important; they’re also really rare. Be- cause they cost resources and we are, of course, a nonprofit and being able to in- vest in that development is a challenge. n Sena Christian is the managing editor of Comstock’s. On Twitter @SenaCChristian or For an extended interview with Amy Seiwert, visit LIVE CONFIDENTLY “Complete planning for your life and your future, not just investments. WESTLAKE, GRAHL, AND GLOVER That’s where we come in.” A private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. 9265 Sierra College Blvd. | Granite Bay, CA 95746 | 916.677.1640 WESTLAKE, GRAHL, AND GLOVER. A private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services Inc. The Compass is a trademark of Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Investment advisory services and products are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., a registered investment advisor. 1404507ACMR1118 May 2019 | 25