Comstock's magazine 0419 - April 2019 - Page 89

| INTERIOR DESIGN | Raley’s Headquarters PHOTOS BY CHIP ALLEN ARCHITECT: COACT DESIGNWORKS / INTERIOR DESIGNER: COACT DESIGNWORKS / FURNISHING COMPANY: MTA INSPIRED SPACES / GENERAL CONTRACTOR: STUART JAMES CONSTRUCTION, INC. Founded in Placerville in 1935 by Thomas P. Raley and currently employing around 12,000 people, Raley’s is one of the most recognizable grocery stores in Northern California. Al- though the company has been around since the early 20th century, the recent redesign of its 69,600-square-foot West Sacramento headquarters has brought the building squarely into the 21st. The renovation of the headquarters, which was originally built in 1984, took place between 2014 and 2018, and designer Jessica Paredes with Coact Designworks says, “The main concept for the space was focused on creating a healthier and happier office.” Coact created a more open environment for the three-story building, with better circulation and wayfinding, and eliminating private offices to provide more natural light. “Even Michael Teel, the owner of [Raley’s], gave up his work space, so it was a huge change from the top down,” she says. The first floor retains the red branding of Raley’s logo, and the reception area opens to the lobby with natural wood elements and a living green wall. The other floors have their own color schemes, with subdued blues and greens on the third floor, and bright- er yellows and blues on the second, which is dedicated to IT. Though not entirely exposed, an acoustic ceiling reveals some of the structure’s brace frames, and its multiple levels and depth contrast with the circular pendant lights. The redesign also honored the company’s history by mixing modern elements with the past, like placing a classic portrait of founder Thomas P. Raley outside of a glass conference room near a slinky, gray curved couch. The renovation also included a natural-light photo studio with a home-style kitchen, used for in-house photography and videography. n April 2019 | 89