Comstock's magazine 0319 - March 2019 - Page 57

Regulation is such a hot-button issue. If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change about the California regulatory environment? ness community.” “[California Environmental Quality Act]. It’s so overwhelmingly restric- tive and negative. Regulations are necessary and important, but CEQA is the biggest offender of over-regulations.” — Deitra Kenoly, Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce — Laurel Brent-Bumb, El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce “A greater percentage of cap-and-trade revenues be shared with the busi- “Just one? That’s tough, as the businesses in California remain so overregulated at all levels that it creates a negative busi- ness climate for the entire state. This is where Gov. Gavin Newsom could be ef- fective, if willing.” — Wendy Gerig, Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce “The Dynamex decision [updating re- quirements for contract workers] is really worrisome for many. In some cases, sole proprietors are going to have to incorpo- rate to avoid penalties if audited.” — Angela Perry, Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce “Our regulations have a real domino effect, and one begets another. I’d con- tinue to work on the state providing parity to all who wish to contract with our government. That parity will never exist without commitment, oversight and accountability. While Prop. 209 [California Constitutional amendment that bars public institutions from discriminating based on sex, race or ethnicity] is the scapegoat for all that shun accountability, the lack of it is — at the very least — morally reprehensible and a fight that continues for minorities, women and our vets.” — Azizza Davis Goines, Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce With new Gov. Gavin Newsom, what changes are you anticipating? How do you see them impacting your members? “The biggest changes will be in health care. On the posi- tive side, an individual mandate could stabi- lize rates and create a healthy workforce, as would subsidizing low-in- come families. Now having said that, our businesses would be “Paid parental leave is going to impact employers, and also the regulations that will be placed on companies to address climate change. With Gov. Newsom only being in office a short while, it remains to be seen how his goals will be achieved without reckless spending and his desire to maintain or increase state reserves.” “We hope that Gov. Newsom keeps rural counties in mind when serving for the State of California. The worry is that state politicians focus on policies for big cities —  not rural communities that make up Northern California. We are currently attending [Rural County Representatives of California] events to make sure Amador’s concerns are heard on a larger state level.” — Kristy Wright, Woodland Chamber of Commerce — Jamie Armstrong, Amador County Chamber of Commerce responsible for insuring every employee, which could raise their cost of doing business.” — Debi Tavey, Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce March 2019 | 59