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ly elevating people into the roles so that we’ve got diverse perspectives weighing in on our policy perspectives, weighing in on what’s happening in the workforce, weighing in on what we’re feeling in our communities? I’m not saying we’ve solved all those problems. It’s going to be a cul- ture change over time. What workplace policies do you see as having the most value to women in the workforce, or what policies would you like to see evolve? Something I philosophically believe as a manager of people — women or not — is that different people are at their best in different environments. If you want your organization to run at its highest and best, create the environment for your team to be at its highest and best. That may mean sometimes you work from home; that may mean you’re sitting at the coffee shop be- cause you need the energy. The idea of a very traditional, you come in here at 8 o’clock and your butt better be in this seat and you stay here for eight hours, does not get you the best from people. Some people do their best work at 10 o’clock at night — that is fine. I don’t care where you are. I just want results. If you have enough self-awareness to know, hey, I’m a mom, I want to be able to engage with my kids in the morning. I want to be able to take them to school and then between 9 and 4, I am all yours, then I’m going to go pick them up, then I hop on my laptop at 8 o’clock after I put the kids to bed, great — because that’s real life. I would love to see employers embrace that philosophy more and it’s a particular interest to working mothers. To be able to create that balance is a beautiful thing, and I guarantee you, you will get more engagement and produc- tion from your staff if you do. n Sena Christian is the managing editor of Comstock’s. On Twitter @SenaCChristian or For an extended interview with Amanda Blackwood, visit WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Buehler EMBRACING PERSPECTIVES PICTURED ABOVE [L-R]: MARTI MARTIN: SENIOR ASSOCIATE, OFFICE MANAGER | JACQUELINE CAMERON: SENIOR ASSOCIATE, BIM MANAGER | LORI BURBRIDGE: CPSM, ASSOCIATE PRINCIPAL, BUSINESS MANAGER | KRISTA LOOZA: SE, ASSOCIATE PRINCIPAL, LOS ANGELES REGIONAL MANAGER “ As a professional services firm, Buehler’s product is our people — their individuality, creativity and problem-solving skills are our differentiator,” says Lori Burbridge, associate principal/business manager. “We have a diverse staff, including amazing women at all levels and roles within the firm.” Buehler hires strategically to support the firm’s cultural beliefs. Structural engineering requires technically proficient people; at Buehler, candidates must also be sociable with excellent communication skills. The firm believes the ability to convey complex subject matter to architects, developers, owners and contractors is a must, and empowers their staff to develop and strengthen those relationships. Traditionally, engineering is a male-dominated field; “ Our product is our people, and we hire the rock stars of the industry. — LORI BURBRIDGE ” Associate Principal, Business Manager as a society, women are now much more encouraged in STEM professions. “We have always hired the best person for the position, and it’s exciting to see the diversity of highly-qualified candidates,” Burbridge says. “Buehler has a collaborative approach that embraces varying perspectives, and staff diversity provides those valued contributions.” CLIENT PROFILE 600 Q St. #200 Sacramento, CA 95811 916.443.0303 March 2019 | 45