Comstock's magazine 0319 - March 2019 - Page 34

n EVIL HR LADY DILEMMA OF THE MONTH CAN I QUIT WHILE ON MATERNITY LEAVE? by Suzanne Lucas ILLUSTRATION: JOHN CHASE W hile on maternity leave, an opportunity for my dream job has come up, and they want someone immediately. The hiring manager said he was impressed with my resume and would hire me. When I told him my situation, he told me to keep in contact and see what happens. I’ve got two more months of FMLA before I return to my current job. Do I have to go back to work and then give two weeks’ notice, or can I just quit? I know this might not be ethical, but legally can they do anything to stop me? A 36 | March 2019 FIRST, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW BABY! That’s exciting and I hope you’re sleeping at least a little bit. Second, dream job opportunities are few and far between so I understand wanting to jump on it, but remember just because you think a job will be a dream doesn’t mean it won’t turn into a nightmare. I don’t want to be negative, but sometimes people place all their hopes and dreams on a position or with a company that looks great from the outside, and don’t pay attention to the red flags. So, keep an eye open for that! Now, let’s answer your question. You can quit at any time. Unless you are in a union or otherwise have a contract, you’re an at-will employee — which people usually talk about in terms of fir- ing but it also protects your right to quit