Comstock's magazine 0319 - March 2019 - Page 33

ON THE WEB ONLY get social Read the full stories at Dilemma of the Month Slipping in Style Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce This #WisdomWednesday is from Comstock's magazine writer, Suzanne Lucas, a 10 year veteran of the corporate human resources world. She gives wisdom on what employers should do when the air quality reaches dangerous levels. It's a very insightful piece especially after the #CampFire caused dangerous air quality levels across the state. by Vanessa Labi Soon after a pre-duchess Meghan Markel was photographed wearing Birdies Slippers, visibility on social media turned into real demand. By the end of last year, Birdies had a waitlist of 30,000 customers. Procrastination Rehab @TheGridAgency When it’s not just a phase: @ComstocksMag is over here calling out all of the deadline junkies/ persistent procrastinators: #deadlines #thegridagency #marketing The Comeback Legume by Allen Pierleoni Heirloom beans are an antique that’s become hip, a long-forgotten staple being rediscovered by home cooks and backyard gardeners. They’re trendy because of their alluring connection to the past, and the ongoing foodie quest for novelty. 67 @comstocksmag Attention #localmakers: @stockmarketca will kick off the 2019 season at the Stockton Marina, April 20 #Savethedate March 2019 | 35