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this month's CONTRIBUTORS VANESSA LABI Vanessa is a writer who specializes “Buzzwords: Lean In,” in culture, lifestyle, and the inter- pg. 34 er with a very demanding workload. She offers me advice and shows genuine interest in my career progression. Embrace working parents and workplace flexibility. It takes a network of supportive colleagues and a good employer to help working families thrive. Leaders have an opportunity and obligation to help their organizations evolve beyond tra- ditional work models that discourage or prevent working parents from advancing to leadership positions. Flexible schedules, family leave policies and flexible time-off programs all create an environment where working parents can grow professionally without sacrificing the well-being of their fami- lies. Companies offering these benefits have a better chance to achieve diversity in their leadership teams. Paving the way for future executives and building a diverse leadership team isn’t about empty corporate initiatives de- signed to simply “check the box.” Encouraging diversity also happens in the small moments, when you support your col- leagues, help them build confidence, share your own story and connect with people facing similar challenges. I’m grateful for the opportunities I have been afforded. They enable me to help train future leaders. I’d like to share something I learned from Donna — leadership is not a position or title, it is an action or example. By fostering and encourag- ing your employees to reach their full potential, your business will grow, employee retention will increase and more potential leaders will emerge. Allyson Hill has served as Golden 1 Credit Union’s senior vice president – chief financial officer since 2017. She joined the credit union in 2012. Allyson oversees finance, accounting, and capital planning and stress testing. She has been an integral part of Golden 1’s financial strength and security. She previously served as a senior manager at KPMG for nearly 10 years. She is a licensed CPA and earned her degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. sections of identity and feminism. “Writing this month's Buzzwords about ‘lean in’ reminded me of being gifted a copy of the eponymous book from a female CEO at the beginning of my career,” Vanessa says. “At the time, the concepts felt theoretical to me. Now that I've had more life/ career experience, I feel much more strongly about the nuances surround- ing these ideas, and recognize how important it is for the conversation to continue to evolve.” Read more of her writing at LAURIE Laurie writes about sports, architec- LAULETTA- ture, business, politics, education, BOSHART philanthropy and other topics. “I’m Women in privileged to be able to talk to a wide Leadership profiles pg. 54 range of very accomplished people, and I never get tired of hearing their stories and the passion behind what they do and why they do it. These women are talented, hardworking and remarkable, with stories that in- spire,” Laurie says of her feature in this month’s issue. Her work has appeared in print or online for Dwell, Comstock’s magazine, The Wall Street Journal, (Sports Illustrated) and oth- ers. On Twitter @laurieboshart and at DEBBIE Debbie is a freelance photographer CUNNINGHAM who specializes in editorial and food "Turning Point" photography. Her work has been pg. 80 published in Comstock’s, Sacramento Magazine, Edible Sacramento, The Sac- ramento Bee, Eater and elsewhere. “I really enjoyed photographing Anna and her baby, Max,” she says of her photographs in this month’s issue. “I love how devoted she is to educating new mothers with regards to breast- feeding.” When Debbie comes out from behind the lens, you can find her with her pets, making messes in her kitchen and eating her way through the Capital Region. Visit www.DLCun- March March 2019 2019 | | 23