Comstock's magazine 0319 - March 2019 - Page 15

WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Carroll & Associates BIG LEGAL EXPERTISE, SCALED TO SUIT “ PICTURED ABOVE [L-R]: RACHEL KOOK | SHEILA CARROLL | SAMANTHA PRANATADJAJA We simply love practicing law — in challenges along the way. We function like staff the boardroom, the courtroom and at counsel for firms without the resources for an the keyboard,” says Sheila Carroll. “We in-house presence and extend the value of in- listen, advise, draft and argue toward optimal client outcomes. Some results are tangible — closing the deal, winning the case or drafting the bulletproof agreement. Others are more subtle — empowering clients to make sound decisions and sleep better at night.” fun-loving geeks who happen to be women, and notes their shared values when it comes — SHEILA CARROLL house counsel where it’s applicable.” “Women have for decades comprised more than half of law school graduates, but represent less than a quarter of equity leadership in large firms,” Carroll says. “For me, and for my peers at top firms, I think the Carroll & Associates, PC, is a Northern key is mentorship. For mentees, it’s a source of California business law corporation growth, and for mentors it offers perspective.” providing service to entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. This boutique firm provides a committed and comprehensive resource for companies of all sizes and sectors. Highly experienced attorneys offer a unique breadth of capabilities, including professional advisory services, transactions and full litigation services. “For some clients we’re warriors, for others we’re peacemakers – and for all, we deliver expertise in practical forms,” she says. “We’re there at every business stage, from formation to succession, with contract, HR and IP “ As lawyers, we’re fierce about protecting our clients and their interests. As teammates, we support one another and love what we do. Carroll refers to her team as hard-working, to results for clients, respect for peers and an atmosphere of professional cooperation without pretension. CEO ” “It’s amazing to realize I’ve been practicing law half my life, and a firm owner for more than 20 years,” she says. “Thankfully I still enjoy every aspect, especially seeing our current team’s strengths and synergy. My focus now is finding one more lawyer to rock it for our clients and our culture!” 3600 American River Dr., Suite 205 Sacramento, CA 95864 916.488.5388 March 2019 | 17 CLIENT PROFILE