Comstock's magazine 0319 - March 2019 - Page 13

CONTENTS n March 2019 FEATURES 64 76 86 88 PHOTOGRAPHED AT COWO CAMPUS; MURAL ARTWORK BY JOHN HORTON (@HIGHTECH_LOWLIFE) 54 WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Seven profiles of some of the region’s most relevant and successful women in leadership: Deitra Kenoly, p. 54; Joelle Terry, p. 64; Angela DePaoli, p. 66; Nicole Howard, p. 76; Chrysa Tsakopoulos-Demos, p. 78; Selvi Stanislaus, p. 86; Shannon Deary-Bell, p. 88 ON THE COVER: PHOTO: TERENCE DUFFY CHAMBER BOSSES | WOMEN AND THE FATE OF CALIFORNIA’S GOP | FEMTECH RISING by Laurie Lauletta-Boshart & Sena Christian BUSINESS INSIGHT FOR THE CAPITAL REGION MARCH ‘19 VOL. 31 | NO. 3 WOMEN ON BOARDS 68 New Law, Old Rules A new California law is forcing publicly traded for-profit busi- nesses to get women on their boards. Yet getting tapped for a directorship is no easy feat. by Steven Yoder POWER shift Our annual salute to women in leadership WOMEN IN HEALTH 56 80 Turning Point Throughout the region, public and private-sector players are rethinking women’s health, expanding and diversifying their approach to maternal and infant health. by Russell Nichols WOMEN IN POLITICS 90 Can Women Save the California GOP? Key party leaders say recruiting women isn’t just good for policy — it could also help the GOP stem losses in an increasingly Democratic state. WOMEN IN CHAMBERS At the Helm Most of the Capital Region’s chambers are led by women. Here, we offer a snapshot of their insights into local and regional economic development, regulatory impacts, workforce development, and how they are positioning their members for growth. by Jeff Wilser by Torey Van Oot March 2019 | 15